Garlic Butter Mushroom Risotto


Date: November 17th, 2018


Time to table: About 15-20 minutes of chopping time, 30 minutes of cook time

Servings: I increased it a bit from the original recipe, ours would have served at least 8 adults

Modifications: I added an onion because I don’t know why you wouldn’t have one here. I also put some of the mushrooms in while cooking the risotto. I added the onion to the pot first, then the garlic, then mushrooms. Once those were cooked, added the rice and then the white wine (I always use vermouth for risotto), and then proceeded with the broth/stirring steps until it was done. Then I did the butter, garlic, and the rest of the mushrooms with the spinach and topped with that.

Erin: Love

Ben: Like

Kids: They hate rice. I don’t get it either. They all tried one bite and proclaimed it disgusting, even though I gave them just the plain risotto without the mushrooms and spinach. WHATEVER CHILDREN.

Notes: I really loved this and it was a great side dish for pork. Would also work with steak, or on it’s own. I am very proud of myself for finally enjoying mushrooms (although I still chop them very small because I don’t like the huge hunks)

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