Southwest Mango Kale Salad


Date: July 7, 2019


Modifications: Used pumpkin seeds in the dressing instead of sunflower seeds. I only used one bunch of kale because the one I had was huge. Used frozen corn.

Time to table: A million years. Am I the slowest cook ever? It’s possible. The link said 20 minutes which is a JOKE – it took me about an hour, but I did cook the quinoa (but then continued chopping while it cooked), and then I also fried the tortilla strips but really – 20 minutes?! No.

Servings: 4 adults

Erin: Like+

Ben: Like

Kids: Tolerated the modified version I made for them.

Modified kid version – more quinoa, black beans, red pepper, corn, kale chopped up more than in ours, and avocado kind of mashed up and mixed in instead of left in chunks. Used cheddar cheese in theirs. Omitted the mango (for some reason none of them like it), jalapeno,and didn’t use much of the dressing

Notes: Very hearty and filling salad although there are 50 component parts so it does take quite awhile to prepare.

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