Tomato Meatball Soup

Chicken Meatball Tomato Soup

Date: October 30, 2014


Time to table: 1 hour

Servings: 6 adults

Modifications: I used a very large onion, 2 carrots, and 3 stalks celery, and I think we also had more meatballs because I just used some pesto from the freezer and the package of ground chicken was .8lbs. Oh, also used crushed tomatoes instead of diced.

Ben: Love

Erin: Love

Annie: Love

Luke: Love

Notes: Everyone was really happy with this meal! It was almost like spaghetti and meatballs because I think our soup wasn’t as brothy with the added veggies. We made bread on the side but didn’t even really need it. Definitely a satisfying meal on it’s own! (I said love for the kids, while they did not RAVE over this meal, I’d still say it was a solid hit with them and they were happy to eat it, so that counts as a love in my book). I was a bit skeptical about the meatballs and pasta cooking in the soup itself but hey, it worked.

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One Response to Tomato Meatball Soup

  1. Alicia says:

    Yum. Pinning this for sure. I think Gus might even eat portions of this meal (well, as long as I help him deconstruct it and put noodles in one section of his plate, meatballs in another, etc, etc.)

    His new thing is that he PANICS over the sight of a diced onion in his meal. Freaks out. So I love that this recipe uses an immersion blender to grind up those bad boys.

    Thank God Louie eats everything, our little carnivore. Last night I made tomato soup and grilled cheese (I know, such an amazing culinary feat) and he begged me for some sort of meat so I heated him up a huge pile of leftover taco meat from the night before. Seriously. Ridiculous.


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