Veggie Pizza

Garden veggie pizza

Date: September 2, 2012


Modifications: ¬†Couldn’t find a “soft garlic herb cheese”, so just used mozzarella. Spread roasted garlic on the crust instead of using the garlic infused oil.

Time to table: A million hours, it felt like. Pizza is supposed to be fast and easy. This one was not. Or it wasn’t FAST, I guess nothing was particularly difficult, but that’s only because I have a mandoline. If I had to chop all those veggies by hand? No thanks.

Servings: We made 2 and it served 6 adults and 3 toddlers.

Ben: Like

Erin: Like

Annie: Like (the crust and cheese at least. I told her to eat the toppings too, and she took the veggies off and said “there’s still toppings on there!” Sigh.)

Notes: As I said above, this just took really long. Quite the putzy recipe for pizza, but it WAS really good, and quite the beautiful pizza if I do say so myself. It was fun to prepare and all, so I still liked it but this certainly wouldn’t work well as a fast weeknight meal unless you had everything prepped in advance. I’ve said this before, but I do just love that pizza dough recipe – turns out great every time and is so easy!

Garden veggie pizza
Ready to assemble

Garden veggie pizza
Before baking (grilling in our case)

Garden veggie pizza

Garden veggie pizza

MJ Mia and Annie eating pizza
Toddler table!

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