Greek Veggie Wrap

Finished product

Date: 7/4/2012


Modifications: I used store bought hummus, and balsamic vinaigrette instead of making my own.

Time to table: 10 minutes prep the night before, 5 minutes to prep the wrap that day.

Servings: I just made one wrap, but with the ingredients you can modify it to serve as many as you want.

Erin: Love

Notes: Well, as you may have noticed, we haven’t been cooking much lately! We have been making some tried and true favorites, and using some of our freezer meals when the temps are below 90. Lunches are hard for me – if we have leftovers, that’s great, and I sometimes bring in all the fixings for sandwiches and make those for a week or so, but all too often I revert to buying lunch, especially at one of the many new food trucks downtown Minneapolis has to offer. I need to be better about bringing my lunch at least a few days a week for financial reasons, so recipes like this that actually have me EXCITED to eat lunch at my desk are great! This was delicious, and surprisingly very filling – it would be a great hot weather dinner as well.

Lunch components

Inside the wrap

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