Beer bread

The finished product

Date: 2/18/2012


Time to table: 7 minutes prep (without Annie’s help: 5 minutes). 45 minutes bake time.

Servings: 1 loaf

Ben: Love

Erin: Like

Annie: Love

Notes: This was amazingly easy and delicious, hat tip to Bill for making this and twitting about it. I think I’ll be making this frequently as it is SO damn easy. Next time I will either grease up my hands, or use gloves and grease the gloves as it makes a total mess on your hands. I used a honey weiss as my beer and even though the recipe says a hoppy beer didn’t come out as well, I’m going to make this at work soon with a summit, just to see for myself.

Helping make beer bread

Uncooked beer bread

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4 Responses to Beer bread

  1. Bill Roehl says:

    Glad you guys loved/liked/loved it. I’ve made it a few times now myself and agree it’s just too easy not to make it all the time. Add some great butter and you’re set. Nevermind when you make the beer grilled cheese! OMG so nom.

  2. ben says:

    Oh man, I hadn’t considered grilled cheese, that would be awesome. We’re going to use some (the rest?) of the loaf tonight to go along with a chicken chili we’re making, should be great.

  3. Bill Roehl says:

    The Beer Grilled Cheese is what this bread was used for:

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