Creamy Tortellini Soup


Date: January 6


Modifications: I used half & half, and a bit more spinach

Time to table: About an hour (her estimates are always laughable – she states 20 minutes of cooking, when IN THE RECIPE, it specifies cooking sausage until browned, then cooking veggies for 5 minutes, tomato paste/spices for 5 minutes, simmering for 15, then adding tortellini/cream and spinach and cooking for whatever the package states which is at least 3 minutes. Why!)

Servings: Probably around 8 adult servings

Erin: Love

Ben: Love

Kids: All really liked this one! (I haven’t used the triple love tag for awhile but this one gets it – obviously quite outdated and should be quintuple love now I guess but I’ll keep it)

Notes: This soup was REALLY quite good – very decadent with the cream, and cheesy pasta and sausage, but also quite a few veggies in there too.

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