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jalapeño cheddar chicken burgers with guacamole

Date: August 5th, 2014 Recipe: Time to table: 60 minutes Servings: Four burgers Modifications: Nothing, actually, I followed the recipe rather closely for once. Ben: Like Erin: Like Annie: Like, eventually Luke: Dislike Notes: Once Annie actually tried these, she liked them, but both kids were … Continue reading

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Pork Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Date: June 19th, 2014 Recipe: Time to table: 45 minutes Servings: three stuffed poblano peppers, halved Modifications: I wanted the stuffing to be a little creamier, so I mashed up a can of cannellini beans and then added the remaining ingredients. After mixing … Continue reading

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Grilled pork shoulder

Dry rub applied on Thursday, three days before cooking day. Date: June 5, 2011 Recipe: Modifications: None, actually Time to table: 20 minutes dry rub prep, 10 hours on cooking day Servings: A LOT, we fed eleven adults and still … Continue reading

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Grilled beer butt chicken

Date: June 4, 2011 Recipe: Modifications:  I didn’t put any seasoning inside the bird and I grilled this inside an aluminum pan, which turned out to be a good idea because it tipped over halfway through cooking. Time to table: … Continue reading

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