Simple Chicken Curry

Chicken curry

Date: April 28


Modifications:  Had chard for the greens, didn’t use hot sauce. Used previously cooked and frozen shredded chicken as Laura did.

Time to table: Probably a half hour or more because I forgot to cook the rice, which frequently happens to me. Whoops.

Servings: 6 adults

Erin: Like

Ben: Love

Luke: HATE!!!!! Gagged on the chicken, said the greens “tasted like salad!!” and had the 3 bites I made him eat and no more.

Annie: Dislike, not as strongly as Luke. She actually ate a bite and didn’t say anything, but then after Luke gagged, she informed us that actually she didn’t like this meal either.

Notes: Predictably, the children hated this because it was DIFFERENT. It was really quick though, and both Ben and I enjoyed it, so we will make it again. We’ll add chopped onion and maybe even some other veggie to the curry next time, and definitely make more greens. Luke hates literally any meal served with rice, like anything at all. The below is what I do when I KNOW full well that the kids are going to not eat what we’re serving, to at least encourage them to try it without much pressure. This has been all of our meals this week – including beef stir fry and tuna salad (which I forgot but I guess Annie does like and Luke seemed somewhat okay with as long as he didn’t ingest a pea. He likes snap peas but not just peas. Children! Annie also is fine with the beef stir fry but lord knows we couldn’t give them different things.)

Chicken curry


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  1. It’s not a looker of a meal, that’s for sure 🙂 And yes, the onions would add a lot – I liked to let them nearly caramelize. That was back in my onion eating days of yore.

    You guys might also like my quick chicken tikka masala with shredded chicken, too – based off this recipe of mine: I skip the whole marinade step, make the sauce and then tweak the spices lightly to bring back some of those marinade flavors (so basically add a little more cumin, some pepper, a pinch of ginger and a teeny tiny pinch of cinnamon). And if I don’t have jalapeno on hand (which = always), I used a can of diced chlies for a similar taste.

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