Brussels sprouts risotto

Pork chops, risotto and green beans

Date: March 13


Time to table: Over an hour (no exaggeration – with chopping the brussels sprouts and onion it’s really probably 90 minutes. Risotto is always time consuming but the added steps of browning the butter and sautéing the brussels sprouts before the risotto even starts take awhile)

Servings: As written, a side dish for 4

Modifications: I doubled this recipe to serve 6 adults because I wanted leftovers. Added some vermouth as the first liquid added after the rice.

Ben: Love

Erin: Love

Annie & Luke: Wasted on them – Annie “didn’t like the leaves” and Luke gagged on it.

Notes: I forgot to post this recipe the first time I made it – this time I was slightly rushed so didn’t fully let the butter brown (also obviously did not use “European butter”) but I still think it tasted great. I used more brussels sprouts than were called for too. It doubled well, and fit nicely in my dutch oven. This is a great side dish for pork! These pork chops were made in the sous vide and were just ok.

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