Pineapple Chicken Salad

Pineapple Chicken Salad

Date: June 6, 2011


Modifications: Used some chopped fresh pineapple instead of a can. Shredded the carrots instead of cutting into matchsticks. We used leftovers from the beer butt chicken for this.

Time to table: 15 minutes

Servings: 6 adult sandwiches

Ben: Like

Erin: Love

Annie: Hard to say, since she had an epic meltdown over her inability to properly use a fork that colored the entire dinner experience.

Notes:  I have made this before, for Mindy’s baby shower – this is an awesome food for summer entertaining. This is a really REALLY good chicken salad – probably my favorite that I have ever had. I love that you don’t even really need a side dish with it – veggies, protein, dairy and carb are all in there. Yum!

Just so we remember – Annie was already cranky (wanted to be held while we were making dinner, just overall in a pissy mood) so when I gave her a bowl of the chicken salad and a fork she just started bawling after getting one successful bite in. I tried taking the fork away – but that was clearly not what she wanted. Major tears. I tried helping her eat. Not happening. She wanted some bites of my whole sandwich, which she liked. I gave her the entire sandwich, and then it fell apart. It was as if the world had ended. Ben and I TRIED to hold in our laughter but eventually we just gave in and laughed so hard we cried. Annie had stopped crying by this point and was happily eating the bread and a whole raw spinach leaf, so she even smiled a bit through her snot and tear stained face. She then tried to push the chicken salad over the edge of her high chair tray, while staring us right in the face as we said no – so I offered my hand and she instead focused on filling it up with the chicken salad. Skips the step of me picking it up off the floor! It was an interesting dinner, to say the least.
Putting the chicken salad in mom's hand

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