Cheeseburger Soup


Date: January 13, 2019


Time to table:  About an hour

Servings: 2 dinners for the whole family, plus 1 lunch serving

Modifications: I used a full pound of ground beef because that’s the amount we had in the freezer, and thus increased the veggies quite a bit to compensate. I ended up having to use maybe 2 cups more broth, maybe a bit more – I just put it in until the veggies/beef mixture was submerged. I also used a bit more cheese than called for, and used a cheddar and colby blend because it was leftover from the mac and cheese.

Erin: Like

Ben: Like

Kids: They all seemed to really like this one! It has some sneaky veggies in there with all the pureed cauliflower, but generally they usually enjoy most soups. Charlie loved the toppings, and adding those to his soup, especially the pickles.

Notes: This was a solid meal, nothing particularly fancy or mind-blowing, but we all enjoyed it. I’d definitely make it again.


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