Black bean, corn, tomato, avocado salad

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Date: June 17th


Time to table: 20 minutes or so

Servings: Depends on if it’s a side or a main dish I guess? 4?

Modifications: Just used frozen corn and microwaved it a bit. Also, kind of ran out of cilantro so we could have used more of that.

Ben: Meh. Pass due to his distaste for tomatoes and plain avocados.

Erin: Love

Charlie: (new rater!) Love

Notes: Whenever we are serving food to other people, I love that I can actually make things with tomatoes because 3/5ths of my family does not like them. This is a super simple, easy and healthy side dish and a great summer salad. Loved it and might make some for work lunches again. I keep giving Charlie raw tomatoes and figure if I keep it up, maybe there will be another person in my family who likes them! He may have even gotten some raw onion and been okay with it. This kid is like a garbage disposal at this age!

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This was after he’d finished the rest of this salad, also had green beans, blueberries, and then the mac and cheese and just dipped his fingers in a blob of hummus and licked it off his hands. Love this stage 🙂

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He’s a good motivator for these 2 to try different things too! Not like they are terrible eaters, but they have their strong preferences by this point for sure.

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