Brie and Blackberry Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwiches with Blackerries and Brie


Time to table: 30 mintues

Servings: However many you want to make 🙂

Modifications: Yeah didn’t really follow the directions here 🙂 Used pretzel buns from whole foods (were too tough, but delicious), didn’t butterfly the chicken. The brie we got was delicious, but was more of a spread so didn’t really melt.

Ben: Dislike (was surprised he agreed to this, not a fan of fruit really…. any time)

Erin: Like

Luke & Annie: We didn’t serve this to them as sandwiches, but they seemed fine with the combination although neither seems to like blackberries that much, maybe it’s the seeds.

Notes: This was good and I’d like to try again with a softer bun and different brie that melts (as in, as the recipe is written 🙂

Chicken Sandwiches with Blackerries and Brie

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