Honey Yogurt Waffles

Honey Yogurt Waffles

Date: 6/5/2012

Recipe: http://ellysaysopa.com/2012/05/16/honey-yogurt-waffles/

Modifications: None

Time to table: 30 minutes prep

Servings: 4 adults

Ben: Like

Erin: Love

Annie: Like

Notes: You’ll notice that Annie hasn’t “loved” a dish in awhile – she just doesn’t seem as into eating lately, unless it’s ice cream or cookies 🙂 You’d think she’d scarf down waffles, but she is always much more interested in eating the fruit! I thought these were great, especially for being a “healthy” recipe – they still tasted sweet (of course, Ben and I put maple syrup on them – but even without that. We told Annie syrup is medicine and so far she hasn’t demanded it 😉 and I loved the addition of cinnamon. They weren’t as fluffy as other waffle recipes we’ve made, but they still kept their shape pretty well.

Annie helping cut strawberries
Annie loves helping me separate the strawberries – stems in the compost!

Crazy face

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