Spinach Tortellini Soup

Spinach Tortellini Soup by erin.kkr
Spinach Tortellini Soup, a photo by erin.kkr on Flickr.

Date: 4/8/2011 and 5/3/2011

Recipe: http://annies-eats.net/2011/02/15/tortellini-soup/

Time to table: 20 minutes

Modifications: None. This is ridiculously easy. We used Whole Foods 365 Organic Frozen cheese tortellini and it was quite good. We just gave Annie the chunks, no liquid, and cut the tortellinis and spinach a bit for her.

Servings: 3 adult, 1 toddler

Ben: Like

Erin: Like

Annie: Liked once, Disliked once (except she did have some handfuls of just spinach, so that’s a win). Toddlers are but fickle beasts.

Notes: Best paired with bread.

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